Participation at Great Western

Our Participation Strategy

At Great Western, participation is about giving all those involved with our organisation a voice that can influence change in the service they receive or provide. It is about effective communication, listening and acting upon what people say. It is about designing a "service" that meets the needs of those using it through consultation and feedback.



Why did we involve children, parents, staff and anyone who is working in partnership with Great Western Pre-School and Out of School Clubs in the process of influencing Change?

The main reason for involving people in the process of influencing the experiences they receive is because it is "right" to do so. The service provided matters most to those who receive it. Therefore, it is important that we are responsive to the views of our service users by listening and acting. We want to provide a safe place where individuals have confidence in a service that not only hears their views but also takes into account their views when developing the service they receive.

Benefits of Participation

  • Improved service.
  • Choice by those using the service.
  • Confidence of families in the service they receive.
  • Confidence of staff in the service they provide.
  • Improved communication between organisation, families and those in partnership with the families and organisation through responsive care.
  • An understanding of how change can be made and the reason for making change.
  • Transparency in the service provided.

Participation Framework

Our participation framework is based on the following principles:

  • Challenging our beliefs in the service we provide
  • Actively seeking the views and opinions of all those involved in our service Taking account of these views and opinions
  • Effecting change in our service
  • Providing Quality Feedback
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of improvements made

You can view our Participation Framework here .

How can you get involved?

  • Talk to us - Our door is always open!
  • Give us a call.
  • Email us.
  • Use our suggestion box.
  • Come visit us.
  • Arrange a meeting.
  • Take part in one of our questionnaires.