Quality Assurance

threadingAt Great Western we are committed to our quality assurance programmes, to this end we have implemented a Service Monitoring Strategy. 

Service Monitoring is all about challenging our beliefs in the effectiveness of the service we provide. It is about assessing our capabilities against best practice and legislation and communicating the results of this assessment positively to affect change within our settings.

Why did we implement a Service Monitoring Strategy at Great Western?

In order to ensure that the service we provide is the quality we expect, it is necessary to check that our daily practice is truly reflective of our aspirations. The best way to do this is by monitoring our activities. Self assessment in terms of legislation and best practice allows us to examine our current standards and determine areas in which we need to develop. The results of our self assessment allow us to develop our monitoring programme by providing the base of information we wish to monitor.

Why do we involve all levels of staff in our monitoring activities?

The main reason for involving all levels of staff in our monitoring activities is to ensure that all staff members have direct involvement in our programme of continuous improvement. In order for service monitoring to be truly effective and tied into our quality assurance model it is essential that the workload for monitoring is spread across the whole organisation. This will facilitate the move away from "one time" time consuming quality assurance activities to regular, achievable continuous improvement activities.


Benefits of Service Monitoring

  • Improved service.
  • Improved understanding of "why we do things"
  • Improved understanding of the effect of legislation on our organisation
  • Confidence of staff in the service they provide.
  • An understanding of how change can be made and the reason for making change.
  • Transparency in the service provided.
  • A better understanding of our service as a whole
  • Increased opportunities to exchange information and best practice

Service Monitoring Framework

Our Service Monitoring Framework is based on the following principles:

  • Challenging our beliefs in the service we provide
  • Continuous Improvement through regular scheduled monitoring
  • Identification of areas for improvement
  • Identification of and publication of Best Practice as a group
  • Effecting change in our service
  • Providing Quality Feedback