A Prospectus is available for you to download here. In this you will find important information relating to our admission process and an application form.

We welcome parents as visitors to our Pre-School and would be delighted to offer you a tour of your preferred location. Our staff will be happy to discuss your needs and how we can best meet these. Please contact us to arrange a visit.

All children regardless of their differences, race, religion, gender, language, culture and beliefs are equally welcomed at Great Western Pre-School.

Waiting List

At Great Western we use a waiting list system to ensure that all applications to our pre-school are treated fairly. Parents that already have a child attending the nursery or club will be given first choice of available space for siblings of that child and additional hours that may be required. To be accepted onto our waiting list please apply in writing to the Pre-School of your choice.

Special Needs and Requirements

At Great Western we make every effort to include care for children with special needs. We will discuss with you your Childs needs and any specialist care requirements. This will allow us to further discuss these needs with our staff and appropriate agencies to make a determination as to the suitability of the pre-school and staff to meet the needs of the individual child. This determination is based on safety and whether or not your child could be given appropriate learning experiences to enhance their development. If it is determined that your child's needs could be met by us and, that we could provide a safe environment for your child and the children attending the pre-school then every effort will be made to accept your child into Great Western.