National Curriculum

At Great Western we work in partnership with Aberdeen City and Shire in delivering quality pre-school education following the National Curriculum.

For Children aged 0-3 this is guided by "Pre-Birth to Three - Supporting our younger children" and for our Ante and Pre School children we follow the "Curriculum for Excellence".

Nikki ElrickWe place a high value on staff development to ensure that we are delivering a quality learning experience for our children. This can be seen in our daily activities.

Nikki Elrick, our in house development officer, is dedicated to developing and implementing monitoring practices within our nurseries. This underpins out commitment to the ongoing development of the curriculum and also provides our staff with a vital source of development and support.

We work closely with our local authority Development Officers again ensuring that our staff's knowledge and understanding of the curriculum in practice is well supported.

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A good source of information relating to the curriculum(s) we follow can be found at