Pre-Birth to Three

Birth to Three: - Supporting our Youngest Children acts as a foundation for a child's future learning and development and is based on the concept that care and learning are inseparable.

birth to three 1The curriculum is based on three key principals through which effective support and learning opportunities for very young children can be developed:-

  • Relationships
  • Responsive care
  • Respect

Learning at this early stage involves providing opportunities to play, interact, explore, create and to problem solve. At Great Western we support this by providing a safe, fun and challenging environment with skilled staff which allows us to:-

  • Support our children's immediate interests and needs
  • Develop relationships that encourage children to participate actively
  • Create opportunities for children to communicate their feelings and their thoughts

lts birth to threebirth to three 2


More information can be found at Alternatively please feel free to download the guidance document here.