Settling In

At Great Western we place high importance on settling in children to our pre-school. We recognise that children of all ages need some time to adjust to a new environment and we work to positively support this.

An important part of settling in is the relationship we develop with our parents, We actively encourage parents to stay as long as they like when settling in and indeed to make as may visits before their child's first day as they wish. Visits don't need to be planned at this stage, you can drop in when it is convenient for you. We pride ourselves on creating an atmosphere where parents feel comfortable spending time in nursery not only when their child first starts, but also in the years to follow.

We encourage our parents to ask as many questions as they feel are appropriate. Exchanging information is vital to ensuring our children's well being. We will ask our parents information about their child's routine at home, likes, dislikes and personality to help us better establish a good relationship with their child. We welcome children bringing along a favourite toy or comforter which helps to make them feel at home and we do not make sudden changes to a child's normal routine.

In our baby class, we welcome breast feeding mums and make sure that there is a comfortable place available to them to relax and feed their baby. Cuddles, hugs and lots of individual attention is vital to our babies and we are happy to supply these in abundance.